Barcelona has often been depicted by poets as an epic, thrilling and memorable metropolis. According to the official organization of tourist promotion (Turismo de Barcelona), in 2013 it has been the fifth city in the world to hold conferences.


Currently, Barcelona is the open, dynamic, popular and creative place that any company would choose to hold a conference, to present a product, to celebrate a sports competition or to carry out incentive programs.


On January the 27th, the Spanish journal El País published an article where they described the profile of the average business tourist that visited Barcelona lately: “foreign male, doctor or a new technology professional and between the ages of 30 and 50”.


Well…yes. Barcelona has been one of the top cities chosen to hold any kind of event in 2012 and 2013. Not only by nationals but also by foreigners. And in accordance to what the above-mentioned journal says, a 14% increase is predicted for 2014.



Mobile World Congress Barcelona on


But… what does really captivate companies to organize an event in Barcelona?

In Evento Empresa BCN and speaking from our own experience, we are going to explain why we think foreign companies organize events in this city.


As we already said in previous articles in this blog, when it comes to an event, the location is crucial. If the event lasts only one day, the premises are fundamental but the city somehow blurs. But when it lasts longer the geographic location becomes prominent and is one of the most important decisions. You are probably wondering why.

Barcelona: convenient and well connected

All those who attend a company or a sports event, a fair, a conference… must feel comfortable. In other words, the accommodation and the means of transport must be excellent and efficient.

Barcelona’s hotel chains are situated close to the most popular and significant spots to hold events such as “La Fira de Barcelona”, among others. It also has a great transport infrastructure (taxis, buses, subway and trains) that allows all the conference participants to move freely around the city.

Therefore, Barcelona is one of the favorite cities, comfortable and well connected.




Wide range of cultural and leisure options

If the event lasts a few days it is important for both the speakers and the attendees to have a break.

Barcelona’s multi cultural aspects, its delicious cuisine and its wide leisure options make it extremely difficult not to choose it as the ideal location. You will find business and entertainment in the same place. The city is a meeting point for cultural and architectural works; there are plenty of restaurants with that Mediterranean culinary trend that amazes foreign palates and leisure areas to unwind a little.




Specialized corporate events agencies

Foreign companies find in Barcelona versatile agencies when it comes to organizing corporate events, which offer a high managing level, command of languages and technology skills. Barcelona has these specialized corporate events agencies. The treatment is outstanding and professional before, during and after the event, and all this results into the fact that most of the companies come back to Barcelona (in order to present their new products, to organize a conference, a fair or a sports event).

In conclusion, Barcelona is a city that captivates people and companies. A city that offers what a manager needs to carry out an event: convenience, technology, innovation, culture and charm.